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Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you believe in leads at first sight? Bring them on board with our effective digital marketing strategy services. We’ll give you a 30/60/90 comprehensive review & plan outlining an actionable step-by-step plan. Don’t delay making more sales!

Without A Plan, You Weaken Your Sales Efforts.

Failing to develop efficient B2B marketing strategies for your business can result in a budget deficit, low customer retention, and targeting the wrong buyer persona. At Blue Pillar Marketing, we will build you a unique and powerful marketing plan tailored to your business 

What You Will Get With Our Marketing Strategy

Marketing Plan

30/60/90-day Marketing Plan That creates a consistent flow of qualified leads every month and focuses on ROI.

Content Audit

Review of current web language, Design flaws, and positioning (for use in writing profiles and cold email campaigns)

Cold Emails Scripts

You’ll have dedicated copywriters writing up to 6 customized email scripts each month. These include copywriting fundamentals and a strong offer deliverable

Marketing Assets

A punch list for marketing assets and URLs that you can use to better manage your online presence.

Lead Process

From contact form to meeting booked, we’ll review your customer journey from the moment they click on your website.

Social Media Audit

Review of current web language, Design flaws, and positioning (for use in writing profiles and cold email campaigns)


Most important our experts will examine your whole marketing, product, offers, and sales, to help improve ROI by structuring everything properly for your specific target audience.

Increase Your ROI Today With Our Proper Marketing Strategy

Why Does Your Business Need A Strong Marketing Strategy?

Poor Marketing Execution

Without a properly set up marketing foundation, executing a comprehensive marketing plan will dramatically weaken your whole marketing campaign. To build a strong marketing foundation, your offer, services, messages, social media, and your business as a whole need to be properly evaluated. 

Our Solution

Our team of experts will become an extension of your marketing team, evaluate every part of your business, and then organize all of the pros and cons, and requirements to form a detailed marketing foundation to assist your marketing team in the next step, which is your marketing plan.

Bad Lead Quality & Optimization

Many businesses don’t have a clear understanding of the physiology of their marketing, who their targeted audience is, and how their funnels/landing pages are converting new leads. This causes many businesses to miss out on a massive amount of revenue that they could have been earning otherwise.

Our Solution

Our team of experts has vast lead generation experience that we leverage to evaluate your whole lead generation marketing approach. We will then decipher what is working, what is not, and what needs to be added and optimized.

Poor Social Media Presence

We are in a new world of technology which means that your business needs to be consistently adding and adapting to new trends and topics, but also catching your targeted audiences’ attention and pushing them to engage with your content. Most businesses don’t understand the fundamentals that are required when pushing their social media accounts, and also their social media marketing campaigns.

Our Solution

Our team has the ability to identify new trends, engaging messages, proper social media content, and growth. We use our expertise to ensure all of your social media are properly set up and managed, while also ensuring all of your content and offers are properly being distributed.  

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